Williams Outing Club Constitution

WOC Constitution ’17 copy

Founded 1915; reorganized 1932, 1950, 1952, 1957, 1973, 1994, 2003, 2017
Williams Outing Club (WOC), through the efforts of its volunteer student leadership and
Faculty Director stimulates participation in and appreciation for outdoor activities. In so
doing, WOC will further an ideal of college education, develop personal initiative and
leadership, promote skills in outdoor recreation, educate itself and the college
communities about environmental conservation, seek new opportunities for outreach, and
encourage the meeting of people of common interests.
These principles guide WOC in ensuring the availability of outdoor recreation, the
present and future college community. The Williams Outing Club is committed to
including all members of the Williams Community in its programming and values the
equality and intrinsic worth of all people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality,
socio-economic class, first-generation status, religion, ability, and other intersectional

Article I. Organization
Section 1. Participation:
Activities and events of WOC shall be open to all people in the Williams College
Section 2. Membership:
Annual membership shall be open to all persons in the Williams College community
upon payment of dues to be determined by the Executive Board. Membership permits
access to and use of equipment, WOC/PE instruction, Nate Lowe Memorial Climbing
Wall, Dorland Memorial Cabin, etc. Dues provide an important source of funding for
WOC operations and help defray maintenance costs.
Section 3. Executive Board
The Board, with the oversight of the Director and Assistant Director, shall have general
charge and control of the affairs, funds, and property of the Club. The student executive
board shall be chosen in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution and shall
consist of the offices of President, Vice President/Treasurer, and Secretary as well as the
various Department Directors. The Board shall perpetuate the purposes for which the
Club was formed and has since existed. It shall meet weekly and in additional sessions as
called by the President. Such meetings shall be open to club members unless otherwise

Section 4. Faculty Director and Assistant Director
The primary responsibilities of the Outing Club Director and Assistant Director are to
oversee and help coordinate the various activities of the Club.
1) The Director and Assistant Director shall be a liaison between the Club and the Athletic
Department. They shall teach courses in their fields of expertise. They shall assign
student PE instructors for the Club’s credit courses, and be responsible for all payment of
2) The Director and Assistant Director are expected to help maintain the quality of
leadership and high standards of safety in all program areas. They shall also help to
maintain the integrity of the Club’s equipment and make appropriate purchases when
3) The Director and Assistant Director will work closely with the Club’s President to help
uphold the Club’s Constitution and mission. They shall work with the Club’s treasurer to
report all business transactions, and keep accurate record of all the Club’s finances.
4) The Director in consultation with the Executive Board shall sign all contracts, deeds, or
other documents in the name of the Club.
5) The Director will prepare an end of the year summary to be given to all Executive Board
members and the Director of Athletics. This summary will include a report on the Club’s
activities, special events/projects, PE courses, and memberships. It will also include a
detailed financial report complete with the Club’s Treasurer.
In keeping with the spirit of the position, the Director and Assistant Director shall be
accountable to the Executive Board and Williams College for all actions taken on behalf
of the Williams Outing Club.
Article II. Executive Board
Section 1. Collective Responsibilities:
The WOC Executive Board is the administration of the Williams Outing Club.
1) WOC Executive Board shall, at the start of a new academic year, discuss and articulate a
philosophy or mission for the year, and specify reasons for carrying out those goals.
2) The Board shall work together on organizing large events and campaigns of publicity or
3) The Board shall be responsible for the election of the Officers of the Club in accordance
with the provisions of this Constitution.
4) The Board shall have the power to remove from office any of its own members or
members of the Club by a four-fifths vote of the entire Board.
5) The Board shall have the power by a two-thirds vote of the entire Board to establish new
departments within its own body or to disband any of the various departments. In the case

of disbandment of a department while the respective Director is holding office, they shall
remain on the Executive Board as a Director-At-Large.
6) The Board shall have the power by a two-thirds vote of the entire Board to add a
temporary Assistant Dept. Director to any of the various departments. Such an Executive
Board member shall have only the voting privilege in the absence of the respective Dept.
7) The Board shall draw up a budget, under the Treasurer’s guidance and for submittal to
College Council, to cover the course of its administration. Said budget shall include
allotments for departments and for other areas of Club expenses.
8) The Board shall be responsible for maintaining continuity between incoming and
outgoing boards by producing an annual report informed by records submitted by each
Department Director to the President. This should be supplemented by the meeting
minutes collected by the Secretary and the Director’s annual report.
Section 2. Procedure:
These procedures shall govern WOC Executive Board Meetings.
1) Each Executive Board member shall have one vote.
2) All issues shall be passed or rejected by a majority of the voting members of the
Executive Board, provided a quorum is present. Quorum shall be 2/3 of voting Board
3) At his/her/their discretion, an Executive Board member may call for a consensus decision
rather than a vote on an issue. In this case, the Board will decide the issue through
Section 3. Officers:
The WOC Executive Board shall elect the following officers:
1) President. The duties of the President shall be to act as general director to the Club
policies and affairs and to coordinate the work of various Departments. The President
shall call and preside at meetings of the Executive Board. This officer shall oversee the
accomplishment of responsibilities by the Board. The President shall be empowered to
act in the absence of the Executive Board as the official representative of the Club, but
shall report all such actions to the Executive Board at the next meeting
2) Vice President. The Vice President shall assist other officers in the fulfillment of their
responsibilities, presiding in the absence of the President, and giving particular assistance
to the Secretary. The Vice President will also assume the responsibilities of Treasurer.
They will be responsible for drawing up a new budget in the fall for submittal to college
council, collection, care and disbursement of all Club funds in consultation with the
Director. The treasurer shall report to the Board, keeping them informed as to the Club’s
finances, and shall produce a complete financial summary in the annual report of the
Executive Board.

3) Secretary. The Secretary shall be a regularly elected position on the Executive Board,
equal to other Department Heads. The Secretary will record minutes of all Executive
Board meetings, organize publicity, and consult with the Director about files and
recording Club policy.
4) Executive Board Officers elected to the Presidency, Vice-Presidency or Secretary roles
are not encouraged to, but may hold positions as Department or Administrative Directors.
They are encouraged to lead trips and activities depending on competence, experience,
and interest.
Section 4. Department Directors:
There shall be a Department Director for each major activity led by the Williams Outing
Club. It is the responsibility of this Officer to arrange trips, and generate wider
enthusiasm and participation in their activity. They must also manage the maintenance
and equipment needs of their activity.
The Department Director is also tasked with recruiting and organizing trip leaders willing
and able to lead events in their specific discipline. These Trip Leaders for the Outing
Club will not be considered Executive Board Officers. They will, under the supervision
of their Department Director, be able and encouraged to lead trips on behalf of the
Williams Outing Club in accordance of our trip leading policies outlined in the WOC
A listing of the Board positions for the next year shall be produced at the time of
elections each year. Directors are able to lead and organize for a variety of activities
depending on competence, experience, and interest. Their position as Department
Director should be clearly defined at the start of their term.
Section 5. Administrative Directors:
There shall be Executive Board Positions reserved for various administrative tasks
throughout the year including Winter Carnival and Mountain Day.
The Administrative Directors are tasked with planning and coordinating the events or
responsibilities to which they are assigned. They will serve as Executive Board Officers
and are encouraged to arrange subcommittees of interested members of the Williams
Community to aid in the planning and execution of their events.
It is the intention that the Administrative Director Positions allow for Trip Leaders and
Department Directors to coordinate events and trips with greater ease. They are able and
encouraged to lead trips on behalf of the Williams Outing Club in addition to their
assigned responsibilities.
Each new Board shall print and distribute a listing of its positions, personnel, and
addresses to facilitate communication and cooperation between Board members. A
master list of positions shall be appended to the Constitution each year.

Article III. Elections
Section 1. Executive Board:
This Policy concerns the election of board members.
1) All departments shall be elected in the same manner
2) The nominating committee shall consist of the retiring members of the existing Executive
Board who have adequately completed the requirements of their position.
3) Applications shall be open to the whole student body, excepting seniors and exchange
students. Applications shall be turned in to the nominating committee.
4) The nominating committee, made up of retiring board members, shall review all
applications and submit to the Executive Board a list of recommended Directors along
with the names and applications of all those who applied for the positions.
5) The Executive Board shall elect the new members by a consensus or 2/3 vote of the entire
Board in a closed meeting.
6) The elections must be completed in a timely fashion so as to allow continuity between
outgoing and incoming boards. Proceedings shall begin at the start of the spring semester
and should conclude by the end of February.
7) Previous Board members shall be equal to and apply along with members not previously
on the Board. Those previous Board members who wish to re-apply shall submit the
same application as new applicants and must also turn in a statement of accomplishments
from the past year.
8) Re-applicants must also have adequately completed the requirements of their previous
position on the board. This includes having conducted a qualifying number of trips,
events or administrative tasks as outlined in the positional descriptions in this Handbook.
This should be evaluated at the discretion of the outgoing Officers.
Note: Each election serves as an opportunity to restructure the Executive Board and the
Officer Positions and Department Director positions therein. Having previously held a
Position does not grant preference for that position during the next election, positions
should be granted to the most qualified applicant in that year.
Section 2. Officers:
These procedures pertain to the election of WOC Executive Board Officers.
1) The Club’s Officers shall be elected from among the members of the Executive Board.
The Officers may be Department Directors or Administrative Directors in addition to
holding the position of Officer.
2) Any member of the Executive Board shall nominate candidates.

3) The Officers shall be elected by a quorum vote of the new Board in a closed meeting at
the first official meeting of the new Board.
4) The Officers may be elected for only a one-year term.
Section 3. Supplementary Elections:
When it becomes necessary to replace the position of a resigning or removed Executive Board
member, the Board shall do so through an election procedure that they deem appropriate to be
determined by a two-thirds vote of the entire Board.

Article IV. Adoptions and Amendments
Section 1.
This Constitution shall be adopted by a two-thirds vote of all voting members of the Executive
Section 2.
This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of all the voting members of the
Executive Board.

This revised Constitution adopted 4/4/17 by a vote of the 2016-2017 Executive Board.

Overview of the Club

A list of the different board positions and roles to be filled by the Executive Board comprised of
Department Directors and Administrative Directors. The WOC Executive board generally has 20
or so students to fill all positions needed while maintaining a manageable size. Groups labeled
with an asterisk are not comprised solely of Executive Board Members but serve important

functions of the Outing Club.

Executive Board Officers

This section outlines the duties of the Williams Outing Club President, Vice-President/Treasurer
and Secretary. Though the Presidency and Vice-Presidency has in past become a Co-Presidency,
Faculty Position
Assistant Director
Executive Board Officers
Vice President/Treasurer
Department Directors, Executive Board
Alpine Skiing/Telemark Skiing
On/Near Campus Activities
Outdoor Outreach Directors*
Polar Bear Swimming
Nordic Skiing
Water Sports (Canoeing, Kayaking etc.)
WOC Cabin
Administrative Directors, Executive Board
Accessibility Director
Climbing Wall Manager
Equipment Room Manager
First Aid Director
Mtn. Day Chair(s)
Publicity and Media Director
Risk Management/Itinerary Director
Winter Carnival Chair(s)

Winter Carnival Committee*
Alpine Course Crew
Alpine Gatekeepers
Nordic Course Crew
Campus Event Organizers
Campus Events Staff
Equipment Room Staff*
WOC Assistant Director
ER Manager
Daily Workers
Climbing Wall*
Department Director
Instructors/ Monitors
Winter Study P.E.*
Support Staff
Training Trip Leaders
Mountain Day*
Administrative Director
Transportation Coordinator
Hike Leader Coordinator
Van Drivers
Hike Leaders
Entertainment Coordinator
Adventure Race
Risk Management

it is advised that applicants be selected for each position separately. In spring of 2016, the board
voted to disallow running for the Presidency and Vice-Presidency as a pair. Individuals can
propose their candidacy for either position and the Executive Board will choose which
candidates should serve each role.


WOC Constitution ’17 copy