WOC Board Meeting Minutes 4/24/13                     Reading – Sally?   Snack – Seniors   TI/TO Noah: hike/ Muzhou: / caving Sally: bike ride/ sunset hike Friday for date week Kat: / race Kate: backpacking/ judging a science fair, no impact hike Nora: backpacking for the first time/… Continue reading »


WOC Board Meeting Minutes 4/17/13               Reading – Eloise     Trips In / Trips Out   Noah: sun/ hike, playing outdoors on Paresky steps Kat: ran gale/ run Will: hiked along TCT/ afternoon tea Saturday on stone hill Jackson: WUFO, ran gale/ sectionals Sunday at home… Continue reading »


WOC Board Meeting Minutes 4/3/13             Reading – Kate     Trips In/ Trips Out   Noah: built an igloo/  hiking with Scott Steph: played with cows/ leading hike Sunday Ben: Boston common/ Money Brook Saturday 10:30 Alex: Thailand/ Nora: ate an ostrich egg, Grand canyon/ Sunrise hike, PE… Continue reading »


WOC Board Meeting Minutes 3/13/13   Reading – Nora     Trips In/Trips Out: SPRING BREAK!   Noah: pancakes/ here, around Steph: Maplefest/ WWOOFing Sarah: Maplefest, climbing party, Berlin/ Joshua Tree Gordon: same/ Vegas Sonja: Maplefest, bike ride/ Grand Canyon Louisa: ran in HMF/ Greece Kat: / SC crew Eloise:… Continue reading »


WOC Board Meeting Minutes 3/6/13   Reading – Scott     Trips In/Trips Out   Noah: / Maplefest Gordon: NYC wilds/ going outside Alex: Ran in HMF/ sewing a quilt, Boston Steph: walk/ maplefest Will: skiing/ skiing Friday Willis: / sunset hike Saturday Kat: Polar Bear Swim/ Adie: climbed/ climbing… Continue reading »


WOC Board Meeting Minutes 2/27/13   Reading – Kat   TI/TO Noah: / hike this weekend, WOCluck Friday, Out Will: Snowshoeing, Mt. Prospect/ Steph: / Benno: Skiing/ Liz: run/ Kat: snowshoe/ Kate: kayak roll/ Sonja: sunrise hike, prospect, tapped maples at HMF/ Adie: went to Hadley/ Eloise: / Willis: /… Continue reading »


WOC Board Meeting Minutes 2/20/13   Reading – Jackson from Big Sur by Jack Kerouac     Trips In/ Trips Out Noah: snowballs, ice carving/ Schow Steph: cut ice, snowshoed, fire/ staying at the cabin Ben: kite flying, animal tracking/ something Saturday Sarah: human jousting/ going to Hadley Muzhou: climbed/… Continue reading »


WOC Board Meeting Minutes 2/6/13   Reading – Adie   Trips In/ Trips Out Noah: / Alex: runs/ Ben:/ snow Kate: snowfest/ skiing, skating Muzhou: / climbing Eloise: climbed/ climbing Adie: snowfest, climbed, PB swim/skiing Daniel: / Meghan: hiking PE/sunrise hike Willis:/ skating Steph: / dayhike SUnday Scott: sick/taking tele… Continue reading »


WOC Retreat 2/2/13   Reading – Noah   Trips In/Trips Out Noah: ADK/ Hiking during his midweek weekend Gordon: Run/ Climbing, leading an overnight next weekend with Adie Michael:/ taking telemark ski class Friday Jackson: / Climbing , skiing class Friday? Will: / Nordic ski class Friday Benno: / Telemark… Continue reading »


WOC Board Meeting Minutes 1/23/13   Reading – Benno   Trips In/ Trips Out Noah: snowshoe class/ ADK Darren (Pittsfield PD): snowshoeing/ being a cop Dave: creek hiking/ Mohawk trail state forest Saturday Ben: WOC cabin/ staying here, climbing and hiking Gordon: WOC cabin, Prospect/ adventures here Sonja: Led a… Continue reading »

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