Dayhiking Equipment

The following is a suggested list of important items you may want on any day hiking trip taking place during the Spring, Summer, or Fall months in the Northeast.

Highly Recommended Items:

* Day Pack
* Rain Jacket* and Rain Pants*
* Wool or Fleece WARM Hat
* Wool or Fleece Sweater (WARM)
* Clothing appropriate to season (T-Shirt, Loose-fitting pants –avoid jeans, Shorts)
* Long underwear mid-weight Top AND Bottom (Polypropylene, Thermax, Capilene, etc.) (good for layering under t-shirts and shorts for changing elevations, or temperatures)
* 1 pair wool socks with polypropylene liners, or equivalent NON-COTTON hiking socks
* Pair of Broken In – Comfortable Hiking Boots, (or if terrain is not rocky or steep, solid supportive sneakers or low-cut hiking shoes are fine)
* Small Flashlight or Headlamp* with NEW batteries
* 2 x 1 qt. water bottles*
* Lots of Enthusiasm and Smiles!

Recommended Items:

* Hat with brim for sun
* Sun Block and Chapstick (with sunscreen)
* Sunglasses
* Gloves or Mittens — wool or fleece (Warm, not cotton) — appropriate to season
* Small Pocket Knife
* Compass*
* Whistle
* Extra prescription glasses or contact lenses
* Security strap (like Croakies) for sunglasses and glasses

Optional Items:

* Swimsuit
* 1 small Towel
* Camera with film
* Small Roll-on or Squeeze tube of Insect Repellent
* A Journal or Notebook with Pen
* Binoculars
* Field Guides

Those items marked with an * can be borrowed from the Outing Club as a member