Dayhiking Equipment

The following is a suggested list of important items you may want on any day hiking trip taking place during the Spring, Summer, or Fall months in the Northeast. Many of these items can be checked out from our equipment room!

Highly Recommended Items:

* Day Pack
* Rain Jacket* and Rain Pants*
* Wool or Fleece WARM Hat
* Wool or Fleece Sweater (WARM)
* Clothing appropriate to season (T-Shirt, Loose-fitting pants –avoid jeans, Shorts)
* Long underwear mid-weight Top AND Bottom (Polypropylene, Thermax, Capilene, etc.) (good for layering under t-shirts and shorts for changing elevations, or temperatures)
* 1 pair wool socks with polypropylene liners, or equivalent NON-COTTON hiking socks
* Pair of Broken In – Comfortable Hiking Boots, (or if terrain is not rocky or steep, solid supportive sneakers or low-cut hiking shoes are fine)
* Small Flashlight or Headlamp* with NEW batteries
* 2 x 1 qt. water bottles*
* Lots of Enthusiasm and Smiles!

Recommended Items:

* Hat with brim for sun
* Sun Block and Chapstick (with sunscreen)
* Sunglasses
* Gloves or Mittens — wool or fleece (Warm, not cotton) — appropriate to season
* Small Pocket Knife
* Compass*
* Whistle
* Extra prescription glasses or contact lenses
* Security strap (like Croakies) for sunglasses and glasses

Optional Items:

* Swimsuit
* 1 small Towel
* Camera with film
* Small Roll-on or Squeeze tube of Insect Repellent
* A Journal or Notebook with Pen
* Binoculars
* Field Guides

Those items marked with an * can be borrowed from the Outing Club as a member