Dorland Cabin


The Outing Club maintains the Jim Dorland ’50 Memorial Cabin, near the entrance to Hopkins Memorial Forest. You must be a WOC member to reserve the cabin, and arrangements can be made by emailing Scott Lewis, [email protected] (do not email [email protected]). Try to make reservations at least one week in advance, as the cabin receives heavy use throughout the year and processing requests takes time.

WOC Dorland Cabin Policy:

WOC maintains the Dorland cabin near the entrance to Hopkins Memorial Forest. You must be a member to reserve the cabin and arrangements can be made through the Executive Board Member in charge of the Cabin(Trails & Cabin). Try to make reservations at least one week in advance, as the cabin receives heavy use throughout the year.

  • Students using cabin must be WOC members or invited guests.
  • A deposit of $25 against loss of key or damage to cabin must be left at the WOC equipment room when key is picked up – deposit will be returned after the cabin is checked out by the WOC Cabin manager.
  • There will be no more than 15 persons as overnight guests in the cabin.
  • Please respect the privacy of the resident Forest Manager:
    1. Please be quiet when arriving or leaving, especially after 10pm.
    2. Please be quiet when using the Rosenberg Center facilities.
    3. The Forest Manager should be contacted in cases of emergency only.
    4. The Forest Manager is not authorized to give the cabin key to students.
  • The Forest Manager has responsibility for the property and can request that violators of HMF rules leave the premises.
  • Please note that the Hopkins Memorial Forest is closed from nightfall to sunrise. Please stay quiet and in the immediate cabin area.Areas always off limits are the Moon Barn, and the manager’s apartment and private yard.
  • Vehicles are not to be driven up to the cabin.
  • Vehicles are to be parked in the parking area at the beginning of the driveway. Please do not leave any vehicles overnight other than those that were mentioned when the cabin was reserved. Vehicles may not be parked at the Roseberg Center.

NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR DRUGS ALLOWED ON PREMISES: (cooking should take place outside the cabin– food stored inside must be in mouse proof containers – two bear canisters can be found on the cabin sink)

  • Make fires in the woodstove. No campfires or outdoor fires.
  • Do not cut wood in the forest. There should be a pile of wood next to the cabin as well as inside the cabin for use in the stove. Please notify the Cabin Dept. Head if not stocked.
  • No camping within the Hopkins Memorial Forest Property.
  • Use Rosenburg Center facilities only when the commode in the cabin is not in operation (during winter months). Please do not wander inside the Roseburg Center after hours.
  • Sweep the cabin floor and remove all debris and garbage from within and around the cabin upon departure.
  • Please do NOT clean the ashes out of the woodstove, as they will probably still be hot. The Cabin caretaker will do this.
  • EMERGENCIES: First try the HMF Manager at the Manager’s apartment in back of the Rosenburg Center, though the white gate. If not present, use the keys hanging in the cabin to access the phone in the Roseburg Center office (both keys required). Dial Security 597-4444, or dial 911.

Current cabin reservations: