Equipment Suggestions: For Backpacking Trips

The following is a suggested list of important items you may want on any backpacking trip taking place during the Spring, Summer, or Fall months in the Northeast.

Highly Recommended Items:

* Expedition Backpack* (external or internal frame)
* Sleeping Bag* (synthetic fiber or down filled bag — NO COTTON bags!)
* Sleeping Pad*
* Rain Jacket* and Rain Pants*
* Wool or Fleece WARM Hat
* Fleece or Wool Sweater (WARM)
* Long underwear mid-weight Top AND Bottom (Polypropylene, Thermax, Capilene, etc.)
* Underwear
* Spare T-Shirt (s)
* Loose-fitting pants (avoid 100% cotton, i.e. jeans) — synthetic warm ups, nylon wind pants…
* Fleece or Wool Pants (WARM, avoid 100% cotton, i.e. jeans)
* Shorts
* wool socks with polypropylene liners, or equivalent NON-COTTON hiking socks
* Pair of Broken In – Comfortable Hiking Boots
* Gloves or Mittens — wool or fleece (Warm, not cotton)
* Swimsuit
* 1 Towel
* Hat with brim for sun
* Sun Block and Chapstick (with sunscreen)
* Small Flashlight or Headlamp* with NEW batteries, and spare bulb and batteries
* Cup, bowl, spoon (NO glass!)
* 2 x 1 qt. water bottles*
* Lots of Enthusiasm and Smiles!

Recommended Items:

* Personal Toiletry Items (toothbrush, tooth paste, tampons, contact lense solution, medications (with prescription), avoid soap, but if absolutely necessary bring biodegradable soap like Camp Suds or Dr. Bonners)
* Waterproof Pack Cover, or Extra Large Trash Bags to line or cover your pack
* 1 Bandanna
* Small Pocket Knife
* Compass*
* Sunglasses
* Whistle
* Security strap (like Croakies) for sunglasses and glasses
* Duct Tape (can wrap some around a water bottle or pencil to bring with you for repairs)
* Pair of Camp Shoes – Tevas or Sneakers (optional)

Optional Items:

* Camera with film
* Day Pack
* Small Roll-on or Squeeze tube of Insect Repellent
* Paperback Book or other good Reading Material, Games, Deck of Cards, Stories
* A Journal or Notebook with Pen
* Binoculars
* Field Guides
* Crazy Creek Chair (preferably with the WOC logo on the back!)

Those items marked with an * can be borrowed from the Outing Club as a member.