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This is our main means of telling our members what the club is doing. Once a week we post a listing of the week’s activities. If you’d like to know what trips are going out each week but don’t want to be inundated with messages then this is the list for you. If you’d like to advertise an event through this listserv, contact the Secretary of the Outing Club (Sally Mairs as of August 2010). The outing-news archives are a good source of information about what’s been going on with the Outing Club.


Designed to encourage spontaneous outdoor activity, this list is unmoderated and subscribers should expect to receive a higher email volume than outing-news. Join this list to discover and coordinate with people who share your interests in bike rides, nature walks, trail runs, and other forms of everyday outdoor recreation.


Spontaneous Vertical Events! Summer or winter, this list has got your back. Indoor or out, highballing or 70 pitch first ascents high in the Rockies, sign onto this list to join the active climbing community here at Williams. Some amazing bouldering and only two hours to the ‘Gunks make this a great place for all things climb-tastic. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll even see spelunking on this list!


Dry land gotcha down? Sign onto water-l and find about “the wave” and why some summer you may just find someone sitting in it with a martini glass. If you’re interested in all things wet and wild, or just want to know when the next canoe trip is, get on here. Also, if you’re looking for company on an aqueous adventure, post!