Mountain Guides

Mia Smith '16 - Mountain Guides

Mia Smith ’16 – Mountain Guides

Owen Kay '17 - Mountain Guides, Risk Managment

Owen Kay ’17 – Mountain Guides, Risk Managment

WOC is committed to training students in the outdoor skills necessary to lead trips. The Mountain Guide Program certifies Williams Outing Club members to lead trips for WOC. In leaders, we look for good judgment, outdoor skills, and a sense of group dynamics.

Guide Managers:

Owen Kay ([email protected]), Mia Smith ([email protected])

Steps to getting your Mountain Guide Certification:

  1. Participate in a Mountain Guide Training Trip or lead a WOOLF Trip, then
  2. Co-lead your own trip with a current Mountain Guide (contact anyone from the list above to discuss trip ideas), then
  3. Lead your own trips!

Former WOOLF leaders are especially encouraged to become Mountain Guides; the only requirement is to first co-lead a trip with an existing Mountain Guide. For students who have not gone through WOOLF leader training (freshmen and upperclassmen who were not WOOLF leaders), we offer special training trips once every semester. Watch our announcements for information on upcoming training opportunities!