Leader Equipment

This is a suggested list of items that a leader might want along in addition to their personal equipment and the group equipment for any trip, regardless of length.

  • First Aid Kit with incident report forms (appropriate to the length of trip, activity, and needs of participants)
  • Copy of Itinerary (with phone numbers) – (leave a copy behind, with WOC if a WOC-led trip)
  • Copies of ALL medical forms of participants – (leave copies with WOC if a WOC-led trip)
  • Maps in protective, waterproof bag (with route, emergency routes, and nearest phones allknown)
  • Compass (and knowledge of how to use it)
  • Extra Clothing — warm hat, mittens, long underwear, etc. (for participants or emergency situation)
  • Extra lighter, or waterproof matches
  • Repair Equipment (appropriate to the equipment on trip): Stove kit, extra cord, duct tape, needles, strong thread/fishing line
  • Pen/Paper (for recording emergency information)
  • Emergency Money
  • Vehicle keys
  • Water Purification (iodine, filter, etc.)
  • Headlamp with extra batteries