WOC Board Meeting Minutes 2/20/13


Reading – Jackson

from Big Sur by Jack Kerouac



Trips In/ Trips Out

Noah: snowballs, ice carving/ Schow

Steph: cut ice, snowshoed, fire/ staying at the cabin

Ben: kite flying, animal tracking/ something Saturday

Sarah: human jousting/ going to Hadley

Muzhou: climbed/ Hadley this weekend

Will: sunrise hike (12), learn to ski/ skiing Friday

Lucie: /skiing Friday, Sunday

Kat: fireworks, Boston/

Eloise: climbed, jousted/ climbing

Scott: 48 people total for PBS (Thurs+Fri), snowshoed/

Adie: bonfire, climbed, 2 PBS’s, tracking/ climbing, ski tuning

Sonja: NYC/ sunrise hike, planning Grand Canyon trip

Willis: jousting, movies/

Daniel: Sunrise hike/ Boston for mock trial

Benno: jousted, new skis/ teach skiing Friday, ski tuning workshop Saturday, skiing Sunday

Nora: got rain boots (don’t fit)/ organizing Grand Canyon, ordering new rain boots

Kate: Jiminy, jousted/ kayak rolling tomorrow

Sally: fireworks, showshoed with family in Amherst/

Alex: mountain coaster, dino scavenger hunt/

Jackson: fireworks, bonfire, ski movie, skied/ ski Friday, VT Saturday with family

Dave: campfire, fireworks, walked Henry to Natural Bridge/

Gabe: ski movie, skied, jousted/ kayak rolling tomorrow night, teaching skiing Fri




If you are willing to lead something this weekend, talk to Dave (Ben is willing on Saturday)


ER door.  Lock it.  Do it right.


Next week’s meeting will be a closed meeting at the Outhouse.  6PM WOCluck followed by 7 PM meeting.


3 PM tomorrow (Thurs), Dave needs people to pick up firework debris. Ben, Kate, Jackson – meet at WOC office at 3.  And anybody else who can go.


This Saturday, Muzhou is taking the van to a climbing gym in Hadley.



Carnival Wrap-Up


Jiminy people, HMF tracking people, Pittsfield Polar Plunge, publicity people: all need to send Kate a Winter Carnival wrap-up.


Too many e-mails?  Maybe send one every day instead of several per day.

(Too many e-mails in general, and need to be more terse/less wordy.  Better postering could replace some of these e-mails.)


Ideas: trying to do fewer, bigger events?  how to get more people to participate?  People get into Mountain Day, but not as much into Winter Carnival.  Because Mountain Day is a surprise?  People use it for work, which they can’t really do for Mountain Day.



Snack – Jackson






Adie: Materials for 3 ultralight backpacking quilts.

  • 14 yards of fabric – $55
  • Insulation – $105
  • Notions – $30
  • Shipping – $25
  • Total : $215 but asking for $230 for some buffer

APPROVED – up to $230 for materials.  Labor supplied by volunteers


Sonja: Wants to buy new snowshoes because we had a shortage this year over Dead Week, and we also broke some this winter.  MSR Evo Ascent are $135 per pair after the pro deal.

Wants to get 3 @ 135 = $405.  Will revisit this.


Muzhou: Currently have to go inside the closet to change the music.  Can get a Bluetooth transmitter for $30, or $5 for jacks that would work now.  Thinks this will be more reliable than cords that reach outside.  Asking for $30 for a transmitter.  APPROVED