WOC Retreat 2/2/13


Reading – Noah


Trips In/Trips Out

Noah: ADK/ Hiking during his midweek weekend

Gordon: Run/ Climbing, leading an overnight next weekend with Adie

Michael:/ taking telemark ski class Friday

Jackson: / Climbing , skiing class Friday?

Will: / Nordic ski class Friday

Benno: / Telemark class Friday

Lucie: /

Eloise: Colorado/ Climbing class on Thursday, maybe xc skiing

Sally: Albany/

Kate: Ditched lab for the wall/

Sarah: Shopped for food, went to wall/ Climbing class on Tuesday

Ben: /

Dave: Walked the dog/ Teaching Snowshoeing Wednesday

Adie: Climbed/ Climbing, Kayak rolling

Sonja: Sunrise hike with 8 people/ Snowshoeing Tuesday, Sunrise hike

Steph: /

Alex: /

Nora: Sunrise hike, climbed/ Snowshoeing Tuesday

Willis: Ran/ climbing

Gabe: Saw the Claiming Williams mime/ teaching skiing


Fall Review

Noah: Backpacking was good.  2 reading period trips, a bunch to Greylock.  No fly fishing.  Lots of memberships (815-820), lots of trips and activities.

Gabe: Most trips, memberships, mountain day participation ever.  Lots of Winter Study and Fall trips.

Willis: Stargazing was good.  Nobody came to the outdoor meditations.  Wants to work on getting people to low-key little events.

Nora: Numbers down at the wall.  New IM’s. Good blacklight party.

Alex: Outdoor Outreach, Thursday afternoons in October.  This coming semester, Friday afternoons.  Let Alex know if you want to help out.

Steph: Led a backpacking trip.

Adie: Led a few backpacking trips.

Sonja: Sunrise hikes.  Now get food from Dining and not Dunkies.  Overnights and hikes.

Dave: Caving trip.  2 hiking trips with Scott Wieman.  Worked on transportation, assisted everyone.

Ben: Led overnights (including Reading Period).  Didn’t do much winter camping.

Sarah: First overnight rock climbing trip. Lower numbers of climbers, but lots during Winter Study.  Good crop of new, serious climbers.

Kate: Tried to go to Mount Greylock Ski Club for Winter Carnival, which didn’t work out, but could happen in the future.  WC is coming along well.  BNRC hike, parents’ weekend hike, overnight to WOC cabin.

Sally: Canoe trip during Reading Period.  Day hikes throughout semester.  Certified a lot of Mountain Guides but we don’t have a record of who, so let Sally know if you’ve been certified.  Decided against doing a training trip this fall, and instead focused on WOOLF leaders.

Eloise: Was abroad.

Lucie: Led 4-5 BBBBB’s, which will be continued this spring once it gets warm.

Benno: Tele skiing had 4 classes a week, with 5ish people per lesson.  Backcountry skiing didn’t do much because it was a bad snow year.

Will: Worked with Nordic instructors, canoe day trip, treasurer stuff

Jackson: Was away in the Fall.  Had one backcountry skiing trip up the Thunderbolt trail. Alpine skiing had a good Winter Study.

Michael:  Was abroad. Snowboard instructed.

Gordon: Not much Winter Camping.  Went to Prospect to Nordic Ski 3 times.  Led trips, did Outdoor Outreach.  Mountain Day Adventure Race.


ADK Dead Week Trip

Can’t get the cabin for next year, but we could get it for the following year.  It was a big success.  Last spring, we had to allocate the $1200 deposit (nearly a year in advance), so if we were to reserve it for 2 years from now we’d have to pay that money now.


Budget Presentation from Will

Bottom Line: Have some money left for equipment.  We need to be careful with our transportation money.  Might make sense to table some budget proposals until closer to the end of the year.


Budget Requests

Kate: Need to transfer money into the Winter Carnival account.  $4000 from the CC account, plus additional costs.  Vote:  To give Kate up to $2000 for Winter Carnival expenses, which will actually be transferred after Winter Carnival (Kate predicts it will be about $1750).  APPROVED

Nora: $250 toward the Grand Canyon trip’s transportation.  Past few years, there has been a subsidy of between $200-400. APPROVED

Kat: $30 for cleaner and basic maintenance supplies.  APPROVED

Adie: $350 for two synthetic, custom-made sleeping quilts.  TABLED until after Carnival.




Scholarship Applications and Board Applications

Should consider applying to get certified in something relevant to WOC.  Need to teach a few PE classes using your certification.



He unexpectedly returned from time off, but has decided he doesn’t need to be on the board this semester.  Will come back to the board in the fall, and intends to stay involved this spring.


Winter Carnival

M-W tabling will be tabling for WOC for Wet Feet Week, selling memberships and T-shirts, and will also have signups for the Polar Plunge.

Tabling next week Th/Fri for the Polar Plunge.

Monday-Thursday of the following week, we’ll be tabling for learn-to-ski days and things for Winter Carnival.