WOC Board Meeting Minutes 2/27/13


Reading – Kat



Noah: / hike this weekend, WOCluck Friday, Out

Will: Snowshoeing, Mt. Prospect/

Steph: /

Benno: Skiing/

Liz: run/

Kat: snowshoe/

Kate: kayak roll/

Sonja: sunrise hike, prospect, tapped maples at HMF/

Adie: went to Hadley/

Eloise: /

Willis: /

Scott: Full Moon hike/

Jackson: skied with father, looked at alpacas/ skiing PE, music Friday night (Billstock)

Nora: climbed/ might go kayak rolling

Sarah: PE class, built a nest/ Reel Rock Saturday

Gordon: trail run/ Outhouse Friday, Colombia Saturday

Ben: tapped maples/

Sally: concert/

Lucie: Skiied, home/ trail running Saturday

Muzhou: climbed at Hadley/ climb, going to Outhouse

Dave: hiked Spruce Hill, Natural Bridge, Full Moon Snowshoe/ hiking Saturday

Gabe: kayak rolling, cookies and alpacas, got lost at a ski resort/ skiing Friday




WOCluck Friday at the Outhouse.  Then Noah’s playing at 10 or 11 at Billstock at Hops and Vines.


Nora needs somebody to fill in for her PE class Tuesdays or Thursdays next quarter.


Gear Goodie: what things would we want?  sleeping bags, socks, tents, sleeping pads


Speaker: backcountry skiing people: Jackson is on it

And: Mohawk tree person (from Dave):  Ben is on it



Everyone is supposed to lead 2 day trips or 1 overnight trip per semester. Also have to turn in an end-of-the-year report talking about your department.


Winter Carnival Reports: Jackson, Scott, Willis need to get them in ASAP. Other people also should do it, but it’s less urgent.

Listserve: we could do a Thursday e-mail and a Monday one?


Manice Education Center person wants to do a presentation next Wednesday, and also have us come do service on the Great Day of Service and on another date in early April (Sunday the 14)


Board application is approved and will be put by the WOC office, due 4/12.


Snack- Kat


Van Report

College Council van funding request was tabled.



Ebay 21” Tubbs for $99 – 7 of them

Prodeal – MSR ones for $98


Sonja would like to buy 1 pair of Tubbs and 2 pairs of MSR’s, requesting $300.




Sleeping Bag Cleaner

A gallon costs $41.49

A case of 4 costs $141.49

We go through 3 gallons per year.