WOC Board Meeting Minutes 2/6/13


Reading – Adie


Trips In/ Trips Out

Noah: /

Alex: runs/

Ben:/ snow

Kate: snowfest/ skiing, skating

Muzhou: / climbing

Eloise: climbed/ climbing

Adie: snowfest, climbed, PB swim/skiing

Daniel: /

Meghan: hiking PE/sunrise hike

Willis:/ skating

Steph: / dayhike SUnday

Scott: sick/taking tele PE

Nora: sunrise hike, snowfest, PE/ sunrise hike, dayhike Saturday, hiking PE

Will: snowfest, singing/ skiing PE

Miles: runs, PB swim, NYC, Laos/

Kat: /

Michael: ran Blair/tele PE

Liz: runs/

Gordon: PB swim/

Sally: run/ playing in the snow

Benno: /skiing

Jackson: climbed/ playing in the snow

Dave: snowfest/ thunderfest in Adams

Gabe: ran/skiing PE, skiing this weekend



Lock the ER lock.

Combination has not yet been changed.


April 15 is Previews weekend for admitted students.  Ben, Kate, Steph, Scott, Michael, Sally, Gabe


Retreat was good.


Engage people when you’re tabling.  Talk up the Polar Plunge!



Wants to lead a Spring Break trip with Craig Burt.  Would need the WOC van.  Will return next week with more of a formal proposal.  Van can’t go very far.


Polar Plunge

Not enough interest from SAAC because of winter sports, etc.

Kat will talk to the crew team, Gordon talking to XC, and Willis talking to tennis.



The old application had been sent out to the board.  Read it, and e-mail Gabe/Noah any updates to the application.


Snack – Muzhou


Winter Carnival

Snow is unclear – getting a foot this weekend, and then rain Monday-Wednesday

Girl Scout cookies at Ice Skating this weekend