WOC Board Meeting Minutes 3/13/13


Reading – Nora



Trips In/Trips Out: SPRING BREAK!


Noah: pancakes/ here, around

Steph: Maplefest/ WWOOFing

Sarah: Maplefest, climbing party, Berlin/ Joshua Tree

Gordon: same/ Vegas

Sonja: Maplefest, bike ride/ Grand Canyon

Louisa: ran in HMF/ Greece

Kat: / SC crew

Eloise: climbing party/ Joshua Tree climbing

Scott: climbing party, Prospect/ Whites snowshoeing

Muzhou: had a weird dream about a girl with large arms/ vegas

Ben: Maplefest/ interviewing policymakers about medicaid

Jackson: just woke up/ NC and SC and VA for frisbee

Adie: climbing party/ climbing Red Rocks

Nora: climbing party, Maplefest, got rained on/ Grand Canyon

Benno: Mad River Glen telefest/ NC and SC for frisbee

Lucie: Mad River Glen, stayed at a yak farm/ St. Lucia with family

Dave: climbing party, snowshoed TCT to Maplefest/ South Carolina to hike 70 miles of the AT

Gabe: shaved, kayaked, watched Nordic at Midd/ kayak rolling tomorrow, ski PE, Costa Rica



Cabin Proposal


Mass MOCA is having a silent auction April 6th.  Bud Wobus donated a geological hike through the Stone Hill area.  Hoping to add on an overnight at the WOC Cabin to that, or make it a separate thing.  Might also need sleeping bags.  Late May would be ideal.

We can put it on the auction as “night in the WOC cabin, date TBD” and then have the winner contact us to figure out a good night. (APPROVED)



Announcements/Weekend Update


Miles and Craig’s spring break: Miles has a van license.  They have a van 18th-28th.  Staying in HMF Cabin other than that.


Weekend update: No Sunrise Hike.  Stone Hill picnic Friday.


Zilkha approved $150 for Jackson’s speaker. Jackson e-mailed the speaker but hasn’t yet heard back.


Update the weekly calendar Google Doc for after break, before you leave.



Snack – Steph


4th Quarter Review


5/4 Fly fishing and 5/11 Lazy river float need to be taken over by somebody.


Manice day moved to the 13th.





Budget Update


We approved $300 to buy 4 kayaking spray skirts.  We got a deal so got 5 for $300.  Woohoo!