WOC Board Meeting Minutes 3/6/13


Reading – Scott



Trips In/Trips Out


Noah: / Maplefest

Gordon: NYC wilds/ going outside

Alex: Ran in HMF/ sewing a quilt, Boston

Steph: walk/ maplefest

Will: skiing/ skiing Friday

Willis: / sunset hike Saturday

Kat: Polar Bear Swim/

Adie: climbed/ climbing

Sarah: PBS/ climbing

Ben: maple syrup, snowshoeing/ maplefest

Eloise: climbing, reel rock/ 80’s night

Scott: PBS, snowshoed/ climbing, maplefest, snowshoeing greylock

Sonja: snowshoed, hiking class on Shepherd’s well/ maplefest

Nora: kayak rolling/ 80’s climbing night,

Michael: /

Liz: ran/ running

Benno: PE class skiing/ telefest at Mad River Glen, skiing Friday

Lucie: / skiing Friday, skiing at Mad River Glen

Jackson: PE class, reel rock/ Jiminy skiing

Sally: hiking Saturday/

Kate: / kayak rolling

Dave: drove Miles to hiking, snowshoeing, skiing/ snowshoeing

Gabe: skiing, kayak rolling / middlebury skiing, kayak rolling, skiing






WOCluck at Grundy next Wednesday at 5:30 before the meeting.  Meeting will still be in Schapiro.


Don’t text Dave.



Weekend Update


Willis Sunset hike.  Meet at 4 PM on Chapin Steps.  Come to ER at 3:30 if you need equipment.


Maplefest 11-2 Saturday at HMF.


80’s climbing night at the wall, 8:30-11 Friday.


Open climbing hours Thursday and Sunday.



Speaker Update


John Gioia, “Skiing the Sacred Headwaters” skier, wants $150 (or more) to come talk.  We have plenty left in the speaker fund.

He’s available 4/20 or 4/21 or 5/4 (Saturdays).  Jackson will ask him for 7 PM on 5/4.

$150 from WOC (to be matched by the Zilkha Center, for a total of $300) – APPROVED



Snack – Scott








We had allocated $300 for snowshoes. (2 pairs MSR, 1 pair Tubbs).  We ended up paying more, $122/each for MSR’s, so we got 2 pairs of Women’s Tubbs and 1 pair of MSR’s instead.  Came to about $305.



Manice Presentation