WOC Board Meeting Minutes 4/17/13          



Reading – Eloise



Trips In / Trips Out


Noah: sun/ hike, playing outdoors on Paresky steps

Kat: ran gale/ run
Will: hiked along TCT/ afternoon tea Saturday on stone hill

Jackson: WUFO, ran gale/ sectionals Sunday at home

Gordon: ran pine cobble/ family is visiting, overnight NEXT weekend

Ben: stone hill hike, botany lab/ family is visiting

Benno: ACL still torn/

Lucie: bike ride to Jiminy/ bbbbbbbing sunday

Sally: ran, stone hill hike/

Scott L.: prefrosh hike, sunrise hike, kayak class/ sunrise hike, Bernice turns 60

Scott W.: hiked with Dave, hiked with prefrosh/ nature stuff in HMF

Eloise: climbed/ climbing

Sarah: outdoor outreach, climbed, prefrosh hike/ climbing

Adie: mountain biked/ bike ride, backpacking trip

Sonja: mountain biked/ ride bike

Alex A.: South Carolina after Antarctica/

Nora: Sunset hike, PE/ sunrise hike, backpacking trip

Kate:/ backpacking trip

Steph: HMF/ hike Sunday, bbbbbbbbbb

Gabe: kayaked Sunday/ 31,000 word thesis due this weekend



Announcements / Weekend Update


Next week’s meeting will be a closed meeting.  Discussing board proposal from the seniors.  Will hopefully be out at 8, but it may go over.


Tucks is not happening.


BBBBB 8:30 Sunday


Nature stuff in HMF is still on


Turn in an end-of-the-year report to Noah if you haven’t yet!






Proposal from Scott L.  $3500 left in CC fund.  Scott wants a trailer hitch for his truck so he can tow the canoes.  It is $410.  Would wait until the end of the year to see if there’s much money left in CC budget at the end of the year. APPROVED


Kate: is shopping for her trip this weekend.  Wants to also shop for pantry items out of the pantry budget.  We have plenty left in the pantry budget, so this is fine.


We talked about buying a new batch of shirts.  Noah wants this to happen after the end of the semester, under the new leadership.



Snack – Eloise



Hike / Climbing Event


Tara D. and Men for Consent are organizing a week of Date Nights next week (22-26th).  They want to use the wall one night instead of Open Hours.  They would have to pay a fee to use the wall, plus paying IM’s.  We would put in money for pizza.  Expecting around 20 people.  APPROVED: $50 if they put our name on the event


Also: “Single and Ready to Mingle” sunset hike some night that week.  Sally will be in charge of it.



ER Billing


Have been having issues with people returning overdue gear.  Potential new policy: e-mail people.  They have one week to either return the gear (and pay overdue fees), OR pay the full cost of the item.  If they don’t return it in a week, we will charge to their term bill double the cost of the item.  This would also mean we change the agreement print-out and the WOC constitution.


This term, we could only charge to their term bills the full cost of the item, because of what it says on the agreement.


APPROVED: we’ll charge ‘em full price at the end of the term this semester, and next year will implement the new policy (above).