WOC Board Meeting Minutes 4/24/13                



Reading – Sally?


Snack – Seniors



Noah: hike/

Muzhou: / caving

Sally: bike ride/ sunset hike Friday for date week

Kat: / race

Kate: backpacking/ judging a science fair, no impact hike

Nora: backpacking for the first time/ sunrise hike, caving

Steph: led hike/ warm out = outside

Will: picnic/

Liz: ran/ run

Sarah: outside/ sunset hike tomorrow

Adie: backpacking/ caving

Sonja: ran, biked/ caving

Gordon: hiked with parents/

Ben: cleaned evaporator/ leading trip to Seth Warner with Gordon this weekend

Scott: bird walk/ hike

Eloise: hike, climbed, field trip/ caving

Lucie: explored hoosic river, puppies and cat/ BBBBB


Jackson: WUFO/

Willis: / trail running

Gabe: kayaking, ran/kayaking, running


Announcements / Weekend Update

Next week: Joint board meeting/dinner at 6:30 at Siskind house.  Be ready to talk about your year


Campfire on Stone Hill this Saturday night with WCJA at sundown.  Muzhou will do it










The board suggested by the seniors was voted in.


WOC Board 2013-2014


Name Year Position
Gordon Bauer 2013.5 Trail Running
Sonja Thalheimer 2013.5 Day Hiking
Eloise Andry 2014 Climbing
Craig Burt 2014 Equipment Room
Lucie Coleman 2014 Cabin/Road-Biking
Steph Durell 2014 Outdoor Outreach/Trails
Amy Levine 2014 Day Hiking/Snowshoeing
Jackson Scher 2014 Alpine Skiing
Henry Schmidt 2014 Mountain Biking/Slacklining
Scott Wieman 2014 Naturalist/Snowshoeing
Miles Horton 2014.5 Backpacking/Winter Camping
Sarah Abramson 2015 Kayaking
Lucy Bergwall 2015 Backpacking
Will Earle 2015 Nordic Skiing
Willis Kuelthau 2015 Day Hiking/On-Near Campus Events
Adie Mitchell 2015 Workshops/Risk Management
Benno Stein 2015 Telemark/Backcountry Skiing
Sarah Vukelich 2015 Climbing
Nicholas Brownrigg 2016 Climbing
Abby Kelly 2016 Winter Carnival/Naturalist
Caroline White-Nockleby 2016 Winter Carnival/Stewardship
Raja Singh 2016 Day Hiking/On-Near Campus Events
Mia Smith 2016 Workshops/Mountain Guides