WOC Board Meeting Minutes 4/3/13          


Reading – Kate



Trips In/ Trips Out


Noah: built an igloo/  hiking with Scott

Steph: played with cows/ leading hike Sunday

Ben: Boston common/ Money Brook Saturday 10:30

Alex: Thailand/

Nora: ate an ostrich egg, Grand canyon/ Sunrise hike, PE

Sonja: GC/ hiking with Steph

Gordon: /Farley?

Josh: Joshua Tree/ hiking and biking and bouldering

Lucie: carribean, home/

Benno: tore ACL/ BBBBB

Willis: skied big mountains, did yoga/

Mia: backpacked in VA/ hike

Kat: Myrtle Beach for crew/ Saratoga Springs

Scott: Snowshoed in Whites/ hike

Eloise: Joshua Tree/ climbing

Sarah: Joshua Tree/ hike

Will: skied in AK/

Liz: drove in CA/

Scott L: bought ostrich egg, Grand Canyon/ going for a hike with Noah

Jackson: FL/

Muzhou: Red Rocks/

Kate: / Thesis

Dave: hiked on AT/

Gabe: volcanoes in Costa Rica/ going back to CA





Sacred Headwaters presentation May 4th 7:30 PM.  Should make posters soon.


Tuckerman’s trip on the 13th-14th            


6/22, 4:30 AM: 25-Mile hike along TCT for Cystic Fibrosis.  Dave is hiking. Looking for participants, volunteers, donations.


4/15 and 4/16 is Previews.  Ben, Kate, Scott, and Steph are leading a Stone Hill hike and fire.


Scott’s back! He will be doing overnight trips, and Dave will be doing day trips and ER stuff.


Post-Break Schedule


Board apps are due next Friday, and interviews will be the following week by seniors.  We will have our election on 4/24.  The next week (5/1) will be a joint board meeting.  5/8 will be the a meeting for the new board, including elections.  Reading period there will be a joint board meeting/cookout.


Board reports are due next Friday.  This counts as your re-application.  Include your plans for next year, and what you’d like to do on the board.


Ice cream social next Tuesday to meet applicants. Maybe 3-5 Paresky steps if the weather is nice.  Sarah will be in charge of this.



Snack – Willis



No Impact Hike


Lexie Carr is arranging a “No Impact Week” on campus.  Wants WOC to do a No Impact Hike (no driving) on 4/28.  Kate will do it in the afternoon.



Weekend Update



Budget – Will