Mountain Day 2021

Welcome to the resources page for Mountain Day 2021! Listed below is information to get you outside and make the most of your Mountain Day!

Mountain Day Shirts for Sale

Buy your very own Mountain Day 2021 shirt starting Tuesday this week! Come to Paresky 11:30-1:30 Tues-Fri this week and Mon-Fri next week. We will be selling them every week until Mountain Day happens. Bring $10 cash or Venmo and get excited !!!

Mountain Day Accessibility

If you are interested in participating in Mountain Day events on Stone Hill or Stony Ledge and have a documented accessibility need, please email the Office of Accessible Education ([email protected]). Mountain Day is about so much more than activities on Stone Hill or Stony Ledge, but if you would like to participate and have an accessibility-related need, please reach out to the Office as soon as possible. Spaces limited, especially on Stony Ledge, and cannot be guaranteed if you do not sign up before Mountain Day, so sign up now!

Additionally, if you would like to walk up Stony Ledge but would like to leave a little earlier to hike at a more leisurely pace, sign up to come on an early bus! We will be meeting at 11:45.  Email Li ([email protected]) to sign up or with any questions!

Mountain Day Schedule

Mountain Day FAQs:

What is Mountain Day?

Mountain Day is when President Mandel cancels class so students, faculty, and staff have a chance to get outside! WOC plans events, both on campus and off campus! The gatherings are on campus at Paresky Lawn/Chapin Steps, and off campus on Stone Hill (behind the Clark) and Stony Ledge: a mountaintop clearing with a great view of Mt. Greylock. Be on the lookout for an official schedule with more events coming soon!



● 11:30-1:30 starting THIS TUESDAY at Paresky!! $10 cash or Venmo! What is at Stone Hill, and how do I get there?

●  Performances from various a capella groups and Gospel Choir and lots of cider/donuts!

●  9:30 AM – groups will leave from Paresky.

●  10:00 AM – festivities begin at Stone Hill!

●  ~10:30 AM – Return to campus.

What is at Paresky Lawn?

●  Performances from various dance groups and other performance ensembles. Picnic lunch outside!!

●  11am – Picnic lunch starts

●  11:15am – Performance start at Chapin Steps

What is at Stony Ledge, and how do I get there?

●  Performances from a capella groups, the concert choir, and lots of cider and donuts!

●  Most people take one of four hikes, which are between 2-3 miles ascent

○  Buses leave from Mission Park Drive at 12:30 PM. Masks are required on buses!

○  All are generally similar, so don’t worry too much about which bus to get on.

●  Also two longer hikes (8 and 10 miles, respectively) which go over Mt. Greylock.

○  10 mile hike leaves at 9 AM from Paresky.

○  8 mile hike leaves at 10 AM from Paresky steps.

■ Bring 2 water bottles, FRESH & GO lunch, and extra layers (could be CHILLY at summit).

● All of these hikes are physically demanding! Which leads to next point…
I want to go to Stone Hill or Stony Ledge, but am concerned about accessibility.

●  Transportation is available to Stone Hill and Stony Ledge (very limited). Contact Office of Accessible Education at [email protected] for info. Spots limited.

●  If you do want to hike to Stony Ledge, but want a more relaxed pace:

○  An early bus departs at 12:00 PM. Contact Li @ lyp1 to reserve a spot.

○  Note: still requires hiking. If there’s space left over, it’ll be first come first serve.

I want to stay on campus. What will be going on there?

●  All campus picnic on Paresky Lawn from 11:00 AM – 1 PM.

●  Performances and other festivities at Chapin Steps 11:15-12:20.

How can I hike safely and enjoyablely? (Trails could be wet, muddy, and slick.)

● Wear decent shoes! Think sneakers/running shoes.

Check for updates.

Get the MOST out of Mountain Day info sheet!

●  Please refrain from playing any public music while hiking.

●  Take breaks! It’s not a race. When tired, stop and drink water. It will go faster this way.

●  Meet someone new! Don’t be worried about going alone, the day is about community.

Are these events required?
NO! Participation is totally optional in everything. Really. Do whatever you will enjoy the most. But whatever you do, take some time to stop and de-stress. The real point of the day is to take a break, slow down, and look around.

More Questions?? Reach out to Aidan (al15), Sam (sch4), or Audrey (ads6)