Northern Berkshire Outdoor Guide and Map

Click here to get a copy of the Northern Berkshire Outdoor Guide and Map
This guide to outdoor recreational opportunities in the Williamstown area also includes a topographical map of the area, showing all hiking trails. The map and guide are available in the WOC equipment room for $15 ($12 for WOC members) plus $3 shipping if needed. The map alone is available for $3 plus $1 shipping if needed. For more information, see the Northern Berkshire Outdoor Guide and map pages.

Farms To Forest

The Williams Naturalists have published a natural history guide to the Hopkins Memorial Forest. Farms to Forest includes information about geology, succession, flora, fauna and human history in Hopkins Memorial Forest which only a century ago was a collection of small farms. This book may be purchased at the Center of Environmental studies, currently located in Harper House on Stetson Ct. Dr.