Programs, Trips, and Events

Programs, Trips, and Events

The Williams Outing Club leads and sponsors a host of programs and events throughout the academic year! Our most popular programs and events include WOOLF, Mountain Day, and Winter Carnival. The Outing Club also leads PE Classes, general hikes, weekly sunrise hikes, overnight trips, WOC dinners, and a bunch of other programs! Explore our website for further information on our super fun programming options!



Founded in 1978, WOOLF is the oldest and most popular Williams College EPHventure Freshman Orientation Program, sponsored by the Williams Outing Club! It bonds participating first years with a group of fellow students and helps them get acquainted with the beautiful Berkshire environment that surrounds the Williams Campus, as well as building on their outdoor and teamwork skills. The WOOLF program offers great options for current (or future!) outdoor enthusiasts of every level and is pleased to welcome first-time outdoors people.

Mountain Day

A random Friday in October the Williams College President cancels classes and WOC led activities commence! The day includes multiple outdoor activities, on-campus events, fall foliage, and famed donuts!

Winter Carnival

A February extravaganza of wintery activities! Everything from skiing, dance parties, hikes, and more!

PE Classes

Want to get your PE credits, meet new people, and do something fun? Sign up for a WOC PE Class!

General Programming

Every week throughout the academic year the WOC board plans and leads awesome programs!