Winter Equipment

The following is a suggested list of important items for any winter camping trip in the Northeast.

Highly Recommended Clothing Items:


* Synthetic or wool balaclava
* Wool or Fleece WARM Hat (ear flaps are good) *
* Face mask, scarf, or neck gaiter
* Sun glasses and/or goggles

Lower Body:

* Synthetic or wool long underwear (Polypropylene, Thermax, Capilene, etc.)
* Insulating Layer – synthetic (fleece) or wool pants
* Waterproof/windproof shell pants *

Upper Body: (combine these layers)

* Synthetic or wool long underwear (2 if possible) (Polypropylene, Thermax, Capilene, etc.)
* Lightweight wool or synthetic shirt
* Wool sweater and/or fleece sweater (WARM)
* Down or fleece vest (or another extra layer)
* Waterproof/windproof shell (must fit over your other layers) *


* 2-3 pair wool socks or equivalent NON-COTTON, synthetic hiking socks
* 1-2 pair synthetic or wool liner socks
* 1 pair insulated winter boots (Sorels, mouse boots, double boots, etc.) *
* Gaiters *


* 2 pairs Gloves or Mittens — wool or fleece (Warm, not cotton) — at least one pair of mittens
* Synthetic or wool liner gloves
* Waterproof/Windproof overmitts *

Each of the categories above includes several layers for temperature modulation and increased warmth. It is good to have some extra layers to change into at night while your hiking clothes dry.

Highly Recommended Equipment Items:

* Expedition Backpack* (external or internal frame)
* Sleeping Bag* (synthetic fiber or down filled bag rated below 20 degrees F)
* Sleeping Pad*
* Small Flashlight or Headlamp* with NEW batteries, and spare bulb and batteries
* Labeled insulated cup, bowl, spoon (NO glass!)
* 2 x 1 qt. water bottles*
* Small Pocket Knife
* Compass*
* Whistle (non-metal for winter!)
* Sun Block and Chapstick (with sunscreen)
* Lots of Enthusiasm and Smiles!

Optional Items:

* Waterproof Pack Cover, or Extra Large Trash Bags to line or cover your pack
* 1 Bandanna
* Extra prescription glasses or contact lenses
* Security strap (like Croakies) for sunglasses and glasses
* Duct Tape (can wrap some around a water bottle or pencil to bring with you for repairs)
* Camera with film
* Personal Toiletry Items (toothbrush, baking soda or tooth paste, tampons, contact lens solution, medications (with prescription), hand cream… avoid soap, but if absolutely necessary bring biodegradable soap like Camp Suds or Dr. Bonners)
* Paperback Book or other good Reading Material, Games, Deck of Cards, Stories
* A Journal or Notebook with Pen
* Binoculars
* Field Guides
* Crazy Creek Chair (preferably with the WOC logo on the back!)

Those items marked with an * can be borrowed from the Outing Club by members.